Example Figures For 3 Year Lease
Kennet Equipment Leasing Lease Term 3 Years
First Payment £704.79
Monthly Payment £234.93
Total Cost £8,457.48
Assuming your business is profitable, the full cost of the finance is chargable against your corporation tax liability Tax Relief @ 20% £1,691.50
Net cost of Finance £6,765.98
Advantages of Finance:
  • Fixed Rates for the length of the agreement
  • Major tax advantages - every payment is 100% allowable against tax
  • Spreading the cost of the equipment makes it easier to obtain higher specification equipment
  • Maintains cash within the business for future growth
All payments shown are subject to businesses trading in excess of 3 years, status and VAT. The tax relief shown is for illustration purposes only. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with Kennet Equipment Leasing to discuss how tax relief can work for you or alternatively your accountant will be able to clarify matters for you.
Please note: Spire Digital Solutions Ltd do not provide finance. The figures above are for reference and are provided by Kennet Equipment Leasing. Kennet can be contacted directly on 01675 469215